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I always say this but time really seems to be going by faster and faster. I’m already 22 and a day, summer is coming to an end, there are only four events left on tour…before you know it, it’s Christmas! AHHH! Trying to enjoy every moment as much as I possibly can. Life has been pretty awesome. I had a great birthday yesterday. I ate a lot of food, Luke taught me how to drive stick, was lazy and took a nice nap, surfed and spent time with my family. Pretty ordinary day but extraordinary at the same time. I’m so lucky that my everyday is awesome and that I don’t need much more to be happy and completely satisfied. Went out to dinner with my mom last night and she organized with the restaurant to have gifts delivered to me throughout dinner. First was a crown, then shiny earrings, a crazy necklace, bracelet and ring. Each of the waiters presented them by saying, “a gift for the princess.” It was the sweetest thing. I felt so spoiled and special the entire night. My mom is the best<3

Rewind to US Open… wasn't all that stoked with my result. Actually I was quite disappointed. I never felt like I really clicked with the rhythm of the waves that entire week. Fifth place least I got to wear a few crazy hats before I was out. Urgh… that's the way it goes sometimes. Overall I had a great time. My dad, sister and Luke came so it was a family affair. It was great to have Cayla up bright and early and practicing with me in the mornings before the contest. Luke bought his dream car while we were in town, a VW bus. It's in need of a little TLC but is so rad! I love it! Got inducted into the Surfer's Hall of Fame… that was pretty special. I feel like it was a bit early in my career for something like that but am so thankful that people see the potential in me. Sure means a lot. After the comp, Luke and I drove up to San Francisco to visit some of his family and got to squeeze in a Beyonce/Jay-Z concert!!! They were fantastic! Beyonce radiates confidence, strength and power. What a role model….

One more week till I leave for Trestles and Europe. I'm really looking forward to the next couple events. Everything is getting very exciting. Have a beautiful day!! Xx,
















Taylor Swift is the Best

Try-Colbie Calliat

Real Beauty

We are all fascinated by beauty and many of us devote much of our lives to its pursuit. But physical beauty can only ever be held fleetingly. Real beauty is far greater – it’s a life force, an energy, which radiates from within and transcends the physical. It’s a vibe – you feel it in those who truly know they have it.

Real beauty is not beauty generated purely for others consumption. Real beauty is beauty in action, not beauty that sits on the sidelines of life, worried it will run or get messed up.

Real beauty may not always be visible at first glance, but it lasts forever.

- girlosophy