Wedding Details...

As promised... Wedding details. I have officially been a MRS for thirteen days now and it's the best! To tell you the truth, not much has changed. Life has pretty much gone back to normal after the big day. I'm surfing, training, cleaning the house again and Luke is back on the Banan grind. I'm just extremely happy everyday and wake up every morning with an inner shine I can't explain. I know it sounds cheesy but it's real! I am super excited about the future and all the fun that's in store for us. I will now always have a partner in crime to tackle life's greatest adventures, fight the hard battles and enjoy the sweet simplicities with. It's the best feeling to know that I will never have t

Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you had a wonderful holiday spent with friends, family, good food and hopefully some fun waves wherever you are in the world. It's been a bit hectic since the last comp of the year so my deepest apologies for not updating my blog in awhile. Luke and I got married a week and four days ago today! It was magical. Better than we could have ever imagined! Promise to give you all the details later. For now just a quick Christmas update. My day was quite busy. Started out with a fun surf at Haleiwa early morning with Dad and Cayla. It's tradition to always get in the water together before we spend the rest of the day running around from house to house visiting family.




28 years old, married to the love of my life and traveling the world as a Professional Surfer. I spend six months of the year living out of a suitcase, chasing waves and following my dream. The other six months you'll find me at home in Honolulu, Hawaii with my Husband, Luke, and Two dogs, Maya and Tuffy.


my Dad taught me how to surf when I was five years old at Waikiki Beach and I was immediately hooked. the ocean is my happy place! I feel so blessed to be doing what I love everyday. 2019 is my tenth season competing on the World Championship Tour of Surfing. I am grateful for my three world titles in 2011, 2013 and 2015.


Winning a contest is great but the feeling is only temporary. on my journey, what stands out the most are all the moments in between... the belly aching laughs, breathtaking sunsets, yummy meals shared with friends and incredible adventures. to me Happiness and success aren't defined by the trophies or accolades but by the small victories and simple joys everyday.   


I'm inspired by those who live authentically and have the courage to be vulnerable. My dream is to encourage others to live their passions, be unapologetically themselves and to take the time for others and the world around them.


when I'm not surfing, you can find me scrapbooking, visiting with my family, training or taking naps. I am horrified of heights and holding earth worms. I love food and have a major sweet tooth.   


This is me in a nutshell. I'm genuinely myself. My journey is imperfect but I am laughing, loving and learning every step of the way. Thanks for sharing it with me.