• Rissa Moore


Aloha friends!

Ten more days until Christmas! Partayyyyy! Let the countdown begin. I love this time of year. The season is over and I have no obligations for a few weeks. It's taken me a little while to let go of my goals and objectives for a minute and just relax but I have finally settled into "off season" Riss. I can surf and train when I want, spend time with family and friends, stay up late, sleep in, be a vegetable, watch Netflix, scrapbook. The possibilities are endless.

The BeachWaver Maui Pro at Honolua Bay was one for the memory books. We had incredible swell for two days straight. Six to eight foot and absolutely pumping! I think it might very well have been the best surf we have ever had for an event. It was such a treat having that lineup to ourselves, getting to sit in prime position and take our pick. So stoked to finish the season off with a win and perfect 10. A bunch of my family flew over to support and cheer from the cliff which made it even more special. It was an absolute dream come true. Couldn't have imagined it any better. Big congratulations to Steph on winning her 7th world title. What an accomplishment!

Photos: Ryan Miller and WSL

Little sis is finally home! So nice to have her back for a few weeks. Luke finally finished building out the new Banan food truck and it is sexy! They are set up on the North Shore for the Pipe Masters so come say hi and grab a healthy snack if you're around.

Luke and I are celebrating our first wedding anniversary today! Can't believe it's already been a whole year since our special day and nine years of us knowing and loving each other. I feel extremely blessed to be married to such a strong, loving, gentle, kind, hard working, thoughtful, loyal man. This year was filled with ups, downs and everything in between. It is the most comforting feeling knowing that I don't have to face life's challenges alone and have someone to share all the epic moments with too.

Well that's it for now. Short and sweet. Happy Sunday!!