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Writing to you from our little house in Molokai. The crickets are out in full force tonight right outside my window. Other than the hum of nature, it's completely quiet. The wind is still and the air is cool. Cayla and Luke are boiling the crabs we caught today in the river for dinner. Tuffy is passed out on the hardwood floors, exhausted from a day of hiking and exploring. This place is magical. Completely off the grid, no cell service, just a couple of gigabytes connecting us to the outside world. The days are long here and there is always something to do. We spent the past forty eight hours taming the forest that's almost eaten our house, playing in the river, catching prawns, setting up crab traps, collecting drift wood, hiking to the falls, doing yoga, taking naps, tailgating at the beach, cleaning, fixing, washing clothes, making friends, learning and laughing. Can't believe it's already back to reality tomorrow. Wish I could just press pause and stay a little bit longer... Haven't done much surfing lately. The swell has been no bueno. A couple wiggles here and there but nothing exciting enough to share. Hoping that more comes soon because I'm getting antsy. Fourth of July was super chill. Spent the morning teaching one of my girlfriends that I've known since high school how to surf. It was a challenge with the strong current, wind and constant chop. On top of that, the board we were using was a hundred years old, water logged and weighed a ton. Somehow we managed to get her three solid rides! It was totally worth it watching her stand up for the first time and seeing her genuine stoke and satisfaction after what she accomplished. Despite all the variables, she didn't want to come in! Mission accomplished... I think she's hooked:) Luke's ring is coming along quite nicely. Almost finished! A few more sessions with Uncle Brendan and it'll be ready for wear. The hard part will be keeping it in a box till the wedding. I went to the gym a few times this week and a yoga session with my cousin, Emily, that was in town. What else? I swear I did much more than that. Oh... I voluntarily did yard work one afternoon with my dad because the waves were that bad. Help! That pretty much sums up my first week of July. Hope everyone is enjoying summer!



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