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Exhausted... Today my alarm went off at 5 am. Was in the gym at 545 am. Breakfast at EggHead with Luke. Surf session with Dad at 8 am. Emails and fun stuff before a 12 pm interview. Lunch with my stressed out Mom. Covered my sister's Banan shift from 130-4 pm because she was having a hard day. Why am I so selfless? A nap would have been nice. Instead... I talked to my sister about her hard day for two hours after that. Now I'm finally at home. Showered and sitting on my couch. Oh... and I forgot to mention, I also made dinner. Hungry... My stomach is growling but I'm trying my best to ignore it. I need to lose a few pounds and the best way to do that is to not eat so much at night. Ahhhhh! Excited... About doing a video and coaching session with Hurley Surf Club at my home spot on Friday! There have been so many talented little girls there recently and I can't wait to spend more time with them. Daydreaming... Honeymoon locations. Any ideas? I've always wanted to go to Greece. Iceland. Norway. Patagonia even sounds cool. I want to go somewhere I might not ever go otherwise. Some place surfing may never take me. Honestly, wherever we decide it will be fun because Luke and I will be together. Contemplating... A way to go back to Kelly Slater's Wavepool. Hawaii is still a lake! Perfect, playful, never ending pool waves sound really nice right about now. Actually what sounds nice right about now is a cookie... Xx

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