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The Simple Things

It's tough to find new things to do and see after you've visited the same place seven years in a row. I am so happy to be back but this time around, Dad and I have had to get a little creative to keep ourselves occupied and out of the hotel room. I am finding joy in the simplest things.  Yesterday we went on a search for a new health food spot I found on google. On our way we stumbled across a vibrant open market with fresh fruits and vegetables and flowers that took my breath away. Randomly in the corner of the warehouse I spotted myself on a gigantic banner! Pretty cool. The food was delicious. I had a salmon poke, quinoa bowl with mango, cucumbers and roasted cashews. I am so thankful for food and the happy endorphins that come with putting something yummy in my tummy! After that, we walked through the town by the sea and bought a couple trinkets from the street vendors. There was music in the square where couples were taking dance lessons. I smiled to myself watching their vulnerability and enthusiasm to learn. I love how music and dance can bring people together and make the rest of the world disappear. Today, Dad and I decided to drive to Peniche about an hour away. I haven't been to that town since my first year on tour when we had the RipCurl Search Event at Supertubes. We walked around for a little and I made Dad take photos of me. We found some great yellow walls. In contrast with the blue sky the walls popped. Yellow is my favorite color if you didn't already know. We followed our noses to an Indian restaurant hidden on an unassuming side street. Our coconut and mango chicken curry came out in the cutest contraption. Imagine an individual metal soup bowl being warmed by the smallest candle beneath. I wanted to steal it and take it home with me but the waiter said he brought it here all the way from India and he didn't have any more. Shucks... The cheese filled garlic naan bread as a side dish was to die for! I practically rolled out of the restaurant I stuffed myself so. In desperate need of shrinking my belly, I decided to paddle out to Supertubes and attempt to work it off. There were a few bodyboarders paddling circles around me. I just tried to laugh it off and paddle in the opposite direction. Managed to get a couple fun ones to end today's adventure:) We are now back at the hotel, warm in bed watching reruns of Britain's Got Talent. The goal is to stay up for at least two more hours so we don't wake up in the middle of the night again. Dad was literally running around the streets of Cascais at 3:30 am because he was so up and ready to go! Jet lag has sure been a pain in the butt this trip. Praying that I stay asleep until a somewhat normal hour tonight. A call for the contest will be at Carcavelous tomorrow morning. Really excited to see what the swell looks like!  

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