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Lying in bed... exhausted from a long day of surfing. Being surfed out is one of the best feelings. Even better is showered, in my Pjs with a full belly and surfed out. Can't wait to close my eyes and dream of the fun waves I hope to get tomorrow.

Wondering... is big wave surfing really fun? I was watching the guys get totally annihilated in the Jaws contest today and just don't understand how that could be enjoyable. The thought of getting caught inside and seeing a huge mountain of water about to break on my head gives me the hibbiejibbies. How do they survive some of those wipeouts?! It completely baffles me!

Praying... that everyone stays safe in the finals day of the Jaws event tomorrow. Especially the women! Go girls go!

Happy... to be home on the islands. Feels good to be back in a normal routine, sleeping in my own bed and spending time with my family. My tummy is happy too. I've already hit up all my favorite places to eat and made my Papa make his special salmon for me. It's so good!

Looking forward to... sharing a little edit from my trip to Fiji this year on Monday! I hope you like it. 

That's about it. Life is simple but so sweet. Hope you all had a wonderful week and are ready for an epic weekend!! 


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