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Guess who is here in Hawaii? My friend, Johanne DeFay, from Reunion Island, is staying with me this week! It's been a blast showing her my home and sharing my routine with her. The past few days we woke up early and drove to the north shore to surf. The waves were small but super fun at the sand bars. We've been chilling, going to yoga, eating at all my favorite places. I am really enjoying getting to spend time together outside of a contest setting and enjoying her company without any pressure. Just in case we don't find the time to do the whole tour of Waikiki, I took Johanne to a few of the most iconic spots yesterday to snap a quick photo. We pulled over on the side of the road, ran to the spot, posed and were out before the "popo" (police in silly slang) even noticed. We totally nailed it! Looks like we spent the whole afternoon there. Besides the excitement of having Johanne in town, I have to admit, life has been pretty exciting! I had my final wedding dress fitting the other day and got my hair done to see the look all put together. I felt like a princess! Can't wait for Luke to see me:) Mimi, our wedding planner, shared with us flower samples and they are stunning! All of my favorite colors!! RSVPs are in and... People are coming! Yay! Everything seems like it is coming together. Been surfing quite a bit and training. Trying to get my yoga on when I can too. Luke has been busy building out the new Banan location in Kahala mall. My little sister, Cayla, is killing it at Pepperdine. She's on the surf team and won the women's division in a competition at San Diego last weekend! Such a bad ass!! What else?...

Our friends from Fiji, Malia, Stu and their super baby Kainoa, spent Halloween night with us. Luke and I dressed up as eighty year old versions of ourselves. It was the best Halloween I had in years watching Kainoa enjoy it for the first time. We went house to house flying him to the front door and used him like a machine claw to grab candy out of the bag. We had so much fun and laughed so hard. Looking forward to one day having kids of our own and sharing these moments with them.

Took part in a day at the beach with AccesSurf. Got to share the joy of surfing with a few kids and the smiles were priceless. Wish I got out to volunteer more often because it’s such a great organization to be apart of. The ocean is so healing, both physically and emotionally. As much as the participants benefit from the experience, I feel like as a volunteer the smiles, joy and perspectives gained is just as special. Random neat fact of the day! I love muffins! Been on a serious muffin kick lately. Had a chocolate espresso one yesterday and a apple cinnamon one the day before. There is a cool little coffee shop just down the street from my house and I get there just as the doors open in the morning and the muffins are still in the pan cooling. They are best fresh and warm! Anyway I love muffins because... muffins are technically little servings of cake and I love cake! If you didn't know already, I'm one of those who lives to eat... not the other way around, haha. Hope you have a fantastic Thursday. It's almost Friday! No work till Monday... Thinking of taking Johanne on a hike this morning to show her a nice view of the east side. Will share some pics later!! Xx 

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