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Happy Thanksgiving

Currently I am... Lying in bed and being lazy. Thinking about working out before stuffing my face this evening. I know I should... just not yet. The air is chill this morning and its so warm under the blankets. I love waking up in winter, staying in bed a little longer, listening to the birds, the wind rustle the trees, and the gentle flow of the stream below our house. I am so thankful for our little oasis in the back of the valley. Looking forward to the last comp of the year at Honolua Bay. The waiting period for the event starts on saturday and good news is, we will definitely be surfing waves bigger than last year! Whoohoo! I spent the last few days on Maui with my dad and friend/ filmer, Greg Browning. There was some great swell to warm up on and try out my new boards. Everything is feeling really good:) Thankful for fun waves, good company and being able to do what I love every day. Still day dreaming about how beautiful my bridal shower was last saturday. My mom and Lori (Luke's mom), put together the most gorgeous party. All my aunties, cousins, family friends came to celebrate. The decorations were beautiful, the food was delicious and the games were hilarious. They paid attention to every detail. The centerpieces were all my favorite flowers and colors. The salad bar and sandwich bar included every option you could think of. The best game was toilet paper bride. It was pretty impressive what they created. I felt so much love that day. It was the first event that really put me in the wedding mood. Up until this point it has all been planning. It was really nice to relax and celebrate with many of the incredible ladies in my life. Super pumped about the new Banan opening up in Kahala Mall!! Luke and the boys have been working hard on the new location and it is really coming together beautifully. They are aiming to open first week of December! Come check it out! Grateful. Especially for my family. Looking forward to seeing them all today. Hope everyone has a great turkey day! Lots of love, Carissa

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