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Waiting for another call in an hour. Praying that the swell fills in. It's hard to sit still. I'm excited! So much anticipation. How will the waves be? What about the direction? Will it be consistent? So many thoughts and questions, possibilities and outcomes. Trying my best to stay present. Breathe deep. Distract myself from thinking too much. Thats the key. To let go and have fun. The best performances come from a calm, clear and genuine place.

It is the last event of the year. Final day possibly. Last five and a half hours. It has been such a crazy year. Ups, downs, and everything in between. So thankful for it all. Especially grateful to be where I am now. I am looking forward to giving it everything I have and letting the rest fall into place.

The contest waiting period started off with several lay days. It was really nice to have some of my family here to spend time with and pass the time. My mom and step dad came for the weekend. We went shopping and ate way too much good food. And then my nana and papa showed up. They are the cutest! I loved looking up at the cliff yesterday in between sets and seeing them standing there with their Moore jerseys on and bright yellow "go Riss" hats, haha. Dad has been here throughout doing crossword puzzles to keep busy. Luke and Lori are here now. It's so nice to be surrounded by so much love.

There has been quite a few rainbows the past week. Rainbows are such a crazy phenomenon. I love them and they make me so happy. It's been on and off rain with little slivers of sunshine, slightly cold but warm too.

Alright that's about it for now. Sending you lots of love from the island of Maui. One more day till December, 17 days till the wedding and 25 days till Christmas! Such fun!!



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