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Full... I just ate way too much food and feel like I am going to burst at any moment. There is this amazing falafel place right by our house and I just couldn't stop. So yummy... Slightly frustrated... Had two surf sessions today and nothing really felt like it was clicking. Letting it go and will try again tomorrow. Urgh... Grateful... looking back on 2017. It was a crazy year. A roller coaster of highs, lows and everything in between. Learned a lot about myself, what I want, how I want to do things and what makes me happy. I struggled with who I was when I wasn't winning but learned how to validate myself and push through when things got hard. Highlight was definitely marrying the love of my life....  

Excited... to snuggle the love of my life after he finishes dinner :) So happy... to be home! The best part about traveling is coming home, sleeping in my bed, eating at my favorite restaurants, surfing my home spot, and family of course. After the honeymoon, I only had three days at home before going to LA for the Spring ‘18 Hurley Women's clothing launch at their new store at Pacific City in Huntington Beach. They had an awesome fashion show, lei crown and coconut scrub making, a printing press, and a photo booth! Super honored to have been a little part of the bathing suit design process and really proud of how everything turned out. Can't wait to see what you think!

Missing... my sister. I got to spend a day with her in Ventura after the Hurley promo but it wasn't enough. She showed me some of her favorite surf spots and places to eat. I just love being around her. It's effortless and always so much fun.   

Reminiscing... on our amazing honeymoon. Two weeks of relaxation, adventure and 24/7 Luke. Spent the first few days in Iceland and the last five in Santorini, Greece. Both places were stunningly beautiful but way too cold for my comfort. I don't like having to wear so much clothes! Santorini was a little different than expected. It was a complete ghost town. I guess it is super seasonal so all the restaurants, shops, markets were closed for the winter and will open sometime in April. Crazy, right? There was hardly anyone around though which was nice because it was like we had our own private island. 

Tripping... that the first contest in Australia is only five weeks away. Where has the off season gone?! Going to bed... good night! Have a wonderful week :) xx, Carissa

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