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One Week At Home

It’s been a productive week since I returned home from California. Got straight back into the swing of training and surfing and taking care of all the little things. Flights for Australia... check! Jbay house... booked! Clothes... washed and folded! Wedding thank you cards... almost half way done. My goal is to finish them before I leave for the first event in a month. One hundred fifty thank you cards to go... divided by twenty eight days... roughly five a day. That’s totally doable.

Scored a couple really fun days at Haleiwa and somehow timed it perfectly with no one out! It was as good as waves can get. Perfectly paced four to five foot peeling rights. I’d travel half way around the world to surf the waves I got an hour drive from home. I love when that happens. As a cherry on top, I got to share the sessions with my good friend Zeke Lau. We grew up surfing the south shore of Oahu together and now we are both competing on the Championship Tour. It’s so cool to travel the world and know that there will always be a friendly face in the lineup, someone to cheer for in competition and vice versa.

Luke and I went to WholeFoods and the movies for our big night out. We saw Jamanji and were both oddly surprised at how good it was. It was laugh out loud funny and “see it again” worthy. It could have been really cheesy but the cast and writers did a great job of keeping it engaging and interesting. I highly recommend. We also stopped by the Punahou Carnival to ride the swings, play a few games and indulge in some sweet malasadas. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

I am on a plane again believe it or not. This time to a place I have never been before. I don’t really know what to expect but I am so excited for a new adventure! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and enjoy Super Bowl Sunday!! 

Xx, Carissa 

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