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It’s About That Time Again

I leave tomorrow for the Gold Coast. Ahhhh! So excited! I have pretty much everything packed. Just a few pieces of clothes left in the laundry before I can zip my suitcase shut. The last few months have gone by so quickly but I have soaked in every minute of it. Home is seriously the best but I am really looking forward to getting this show on the road and putting the jersey back on. The energy is positive right now. I'm not overly stressed or over thinking too much just enthusiastic about what is to come. Dad and Luke will be joining me for the first event. After that, I'll be flying solo for the next two. Staying with the Hurley team for Bells and bunking with friends in West Oz. The surf has been pretty average at home the past few weeks. Nothing special but perfect for pre-season prep. Other than that I have been training, napping and crafting. Have you heard of Artifact Uprising? I recently got introduced to this printing company. You can order all kinds of sizes, borders or no borders, and they come out on this beautiful thick paper. Anyway... I ordered a bunch and I did a really cool collage on one of the walls in our house. It turned out great! Exciting news! One of my best friends got engaged!! So rad to be on the other side of things and be able to witness her joy. Luke just finished some new benches at Banan on Monsarrat Ave by Diamond Head. If you have the chance, stop by, eat a yummy Banan and rest your bum on the comfy new seating. You won't want to get up! Cayla is in the midst of enjoying her spring break. She went to Canada for two days and then flew back to compete with the Pepperdine surf team in San Diego. Finals day is today! Wish her luck!! Mom had been moving houses. Bless her soul it's been quite an undertaking. Lucky for me, I get all the fun things she no longer wants or has room for. I inherited her mustard yellow vintage couch that I have been eyeing for years. Yay me! That's about it for now. I'll send you an update from the Gold Coast! Oh, also I have a little edit from my trip to the South Pacific a few weeks back that I will be posting later tonight. I'm really stoked with the way it turned out. Can't wait to share it with you!! xx, Carissa

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