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Traveling Gypsy

It feels absolutely amazing to be home. I have been a traveling gypsy since the tour started in March. One place after another, contest to contest, living out of a suitcase with not much time to reset in between. A week and a half isn’t all that long to sleep in my own bed but I am so happy.  

I leave on Saturday for South Africa to compete in the JBay open. I have only been to Africa once, ten years ago so everything will be new and exciting this time around. And I have never surfed JBay! Only watched footage and day dreamed about surfing the long beautiful right hander. I am really looking forward to sharing the experience with Luke and friend, Greg Browning. My results in competition this season hasn’t been what I wanted or expected. Half way through the season I’m changing my goals a little bit and working on some different things. Trying to flow, adapt, let go and trust more. And to have patience with myself and my journey. I’m always in a rush to fix things and I’m going to work on just being. I am continuing to learn so much on this journey. More than I can really put into words at the moment. Had some cool moments in both Brazil and Bali. As always the moments that stand out the most are the ones spent with friends. I ended up singing at a party in Brazil while Lakey and Steph played guitar. It was rad! Such a rush and natural high. Something I would love to do more of. Brought my sis with me to Bali. Despite the Bali Belly, we had a blast shopping and surfing together. Here are some photos of my adventures... I bumped into an old man in the elevator yesterday. As I left the elevator I said, “Have a nice day!” He said, “Why stop there? Have a great year!” I thought that was pretty awesome. So not only have a fantastic day or week, let this be the start to an incredible year :) Lots of love, Carissa  

Definite highlight was flying first class! For once I didn’t want the flight to end!

I Matcha, matcha, matcha... my favorite.

Spa day with sis!

Uluwatu was where the remainder of the Margaret River Pro was finished. Really fun to surf a high performance left.

Walk down and paddle out to Uluwatu is magical. 

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