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I am gearing up for Thanksgiving this week and all the yummy food that is going to be ingested. Trying to get ahead of the game and burn a few extra calories before the big day so I can enjoy myself. It's all about balance, especially with the last event on Maui starting on Sunday!! Looking forward to surfing one of my favorite waves in the world with only a few other women in the water. What a treat!

So much has happened since the Surf Ranch Pro in September. France was a whole lot of fun. Finished equal third in the event which I am pretty happy with. Always want and am working for a few spots better. No matter the result, France is one of my favorite stops on tour because of the waves, amazing food and the crew. This year I stayed in a house with my hubby, Luke, Mitch Ross, Brandon Guilmette and Terry Romine. Constant laughter with these guys and way too many chocolate croissants.

Visited London for the first time on the way home from France. Met up with some cool peeps and am working on a cool project. Hopefully I will get to fill you in soon :) The city was rainy the one day we were there but that didn't stop us from exploring the London eye, Big Ben under construction, checking out Borough Market and the waterway. We posed in one of the red telephone booths and watched the famous guards stand watch.

I came home to epic south swell in late October and got to surf some of my favorite spots in town. Usually town doesn't get waves this late in the game, so it was a nice surprise. Other than surfing, I've just been training, spending time with family, resting, organizing the house, scrapbooking, and settling into routine. I took a quick trip to Cali. Spent a few days being tourist in Laguna Beach and relaxing with Mom. Stopped by the Hurley headquarters and picked up some boards from Matt Biolos. My new quiver is spicy! Then I migrated North and surfed a day at the wave pool. 

This trip to the wave pool was extra special for me. One of the little girls my dad is coaching from home came to train with us. Her name is Vaihiti. She is 11 years old and is a total ripper shredder. My favorite part is that she has a huge heart and one of the best smiles around. It's been really refreshing for me to be around this young energy and excitement. It's grounding and reminds me of the simple love I have for the sport and keeping it fun. 

Rewind to my last post. I mentioned that I really wanted to teach that little girl I met at the Surf Ranch Pro how to surf. Well, it happened! Her name is Noelle and she is 10 years old. Raised in Lemoore, California, she had never stood up on a surfboard before. We got her on a soft top and into some waves at the end of the pool. I could believe she got up on her first try! She was grinning from ear to ear. A smile like that is priceless.

Banan update!!! The boys bought a working food truck for events! Luke has been working hard to get it up and running hopefully for the Pipe Masters in December, so keep an eye out if you are on the North Shore. Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Spice flavors are back for the holidays! One of the perks of being married to one of the owners of Banan, I can eat as much of it as I want! Lucky me :)

That's about it for now. One more thing! I started a non-profit charitable foundation called Moore Aloha. Will share all the deets in my next post. I'm really excited about it!

Thanks for all your love and support!

Lots of love,


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