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So It Begins...

I'm currently sitting on the sand dusted couch in our Gold Coast apartment looking out the giant glass doors at Rainbow Bay. There aren't many waves but there are still many people. Mostly on longboards. The waves are tiny and the Super Bank, lacking the "super" part. Starting the tour feels like school is back in session after summer break. There is a buzz in the air. The WSL banquet was a perfect soiree to see everyone and catch up on the past four months a part. Many spent some much needed time at home, doing normal things. Others used the time to travel some more and chase other passions. I did a little bit of both. I am happy with a final appearance to start the season. There are some good lessons to take from this event and adjustments to make for the rest of the year. The sand bank at Snapper got blown to pieces from the last cyclone a few weeks back so the contest was moved to Duranbah beach around the corner. The waves were shifty and unpredictable at times but super fun when I happened into the right one. I never really felt like I fell into rhythm out there but I had a couple moments that felt good. It's been a few days since the first comp wrapped up. It ran super quick. First five days of the waiting period... boom, bang, done! Dad and I decided to linger in the warmth a little while longer, take advantage of the apartment we already rented, as well as our friends and their home cooked meals. We leave in two days for Bells. Been nice to have a little break in between events to rest up mentally and physically before the next battle, find a little bit of routine again and enjoy being in Australia. Hope you are all doing fabulous. Sending love to all of you from down under. Xx, Carissa 

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