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Daily morning routine: wake up at 5:30am, make myself a green tea latte, stretch, and then head to the beach. The sun rose late in France, around 7:30am. This photo was taken after my warm up surf before the first day of the comp at the back up site Le Culs Nus. It was a fun rippable left that morning but was completely different later that afternoon when I paddled out for my heat. The tide changes are so drastic in Europe that the lineups are never the same. Being open and adaptable is key! One of the best things about getting up early are the breathtaking sunrises. This morning the sky was on fire! The oranges, pinks and yellows of this sunrise are some of my favorite colors.

The team. I've known Mitch Ross for around ten years, maybe longer. We met through Hurley Australia. I love how he keeps things really simple for me when it comes to heat strategy. Luke, my love. He is my rock. Both of these guys were with me throughout the whole month in Europe. Really thankful for their love, support and the constant laughs.

Morning surf checks trying to find the best bank. One of the things I love about Hossegor, France is the endless stretch of beach and opportunity to find fun waves. If one spot isn't working, just get back in the car and drive to the next lookout. If nothing looks good, wait an hour or so for the water to fill in or recede and something should produce.

Luke and I rented electric bikes and rode around the city of San Sebastian, Spain. San Sebastian is only about an hour drive from Hossegor and a perfect place to runaway on a lay day. Fun shopping and amazing food!

If you didn't know this already, I am a goofball. It's important to laugh at yourself and not take things too seriously.

We stayed in the sweetest apartment overlooking the beach. We could keep an eye on the surf and jump out whenever it looked best or time it right with the crowds. I don't drink wine but it was my favorite time of the day to cruise with the boys as they enjoyed a glass and watch the sunset together.

La Graviere. The waves were pretty much breaking on the shore. This was my first time really surfing at this spot and I couldn't believe how close we were taking off to the beach. Paddling out for the final I had no expectations. It was a gift to get these two barrels in the final :)

Pure emotion. This win in France is up there with one of the more memorable wins of my career. Having it all come together and give my best performance in the final made it extra special. The view from my perspective in this photo was absolutely incredible. I just remember being lifted up by Luke and Philippe and seeing the endless sea of people. The energy and excitement on the beach that day was one that I will cherish for a very long time.

T-man otherwise known as Terry. Love this guy! He takes care of me and so many of the other athletes on tour. An outstanding human and skilled chiropractor. So grateful for the tremendous team of people behind me. I wouldn't be able to do any of this without them.

Jeremy Flores winning in France was something else. When he won, it felt like everyone won. This win was more than another contest result. It was a win for the people of France. You could feel the emotion, pride and inspiration from every single person. It was truly special to witness and be a part of that day.

I really look forward to the WSL Rising Tides at every event. It's so cool to see how many girls are into surfing today. When I was little, I was often the only female in the lineup. Now, girls are taking over! Doesn't matter the conditions, the girls always bring the best vibes and we end up having a great time. Despite the language barrier, we were able to communicate through our love for the ocean and our shared smiles.

Celebrations included home-made mojitos, champagne popping, a dance party and jumping in the pool with all my clothes on. Couldn't ask for a better group of people to share it with.

We had three days to pack up our lives in France, travel to Portugal, get settled and have a few surfs before the start of the next comp. What a whirlwind!

Wait, who's that? Surprise! My sis flew all the way from California to spend time with me and show her support. I had no idea she was coming. Meant the world to have her by my side and get some extra and much needed time together.

Love checking out new places and trying new foods when I travel. A friend of ours recommended LX Factory in Lisbon. A rad collection of quirky shops and restaurants hidden off the beaten path in the city. Cheers to a week of lay-days and adventuring with my handsome husband!

I got him to smile! Love this pic of my dad and I on the streets of Obidos.

Checked out Obidos castle! Even tried one of the famous sweet liquor shots served in a chocolate glass.

It was great to be back in Portugal competing and surfing Supertubes for the first time. After a week of lay days, the swell showed up and didn't disappoint for finals day. I fell out of rhythm with the ocean in the semis and found myself getting pounded on the inside for most of the heat. Help! Haha. Wish I could have done one or two spots better in this event but overall super stoked with how everything went in Europe.

One more event to go! Excited to be back on home soil with my family and surfing in my waters for the last event of our season. It's going to be fun! Thanks for following along the journey...



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