I am so excited to finally be able to share with you the film project I worked on this past year with the amazing Peter Hamblin. RISS is a story about more love and a little snapshot into what makes me, me.

The universe brought Pete and I together in 2018. I became a huge fan of his work after watching his film, Let’s Be Frank. *If you haven’t watched it, highly recommend! Pete has such a creative eye and different way of looking at things. His film making is fun, captivating and so entertaining. From that moment, it became a dream to one day collaborate with him. Somehow, simultaneously he shared an interest in doing something together too and a year later... here we are! 2019 was a hell of a ride. Grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the most talented Peter, create an incredible friendship and capture the fun along the way. To be honest, this wasn’t really what we had in mind when we started out in the beginning of 2019. We were working towards a bigger, long term project. There was a lot going on with launching my non-profit Moore Aloha and hosting a few events, focusing most of my energy on the World Tour and giving a serious run at the title, balancing home life, family, friendships, and wanting to put my best effort towards the film. As everything unfolded, Pete’s vision changed and eventually this came together. It is a bit of everything… me as a kid, who I am now, as a competitor, wife, daughter, friend. It is a genuine, real look into who I am as a person behind the competitive athlete. I share the values I hold near and dear to my heart and “the code of sorts” that I live by. I am beyond happy with the finished product. It really exceeded any of my expectations. Watching it for the first time, I couldn’t stop smiling and giggling seeing my world through his eyes. I can’t take any credit for this film past doing some surfing and being the goofball that I am. It was all Pete. I’d like to say I had complete trust in his ideas from the very beginning but I slightly doubted him the whole way through, haha. I was definitely thrown off by his idea of dressing me up as a fairy godmother. I was initially like, no way! Im going to look like an idiot. But, you’ll see, he made it work and it is magic. My hope for RISS is that it can be a positive distraction for everyone at this time of overwhelming uncertainty. I hope it makes you lose yourself in laughter, makes you smile and maybe cry some happy tears. Most of all, I hope it sparks something in you to follow your passion, to be the best version of yourself and share the love.

WORLD PREMIERE Thursday, May 7th Facebook Live with Refinery29 9am Hawaii, 12pm Pacific, 3pm New York. It will be the first time to check out the film and I will be doing a live Q&A! Hope you can join.


Available on demand May 11th on RedBull TV :)

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