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Pray for surf

Another day, another lay day and another blog! Trying my best to stay busy and distracted with positive activities as we wait for the waves to arrive for the contest. According to forecasts and local knowledge, the swell should start filling in by tomorrow afternoon.

It’s been five days from my last check in and so much has happened, I must bring you up to speed. That swell, the massive one that I mentioned earlier this week, well it didn’t disappoint. The waves showed up Wednesday morning and continued to grow throughout the day. Before dark it was consistent and solid eight foot maybe plus on a few sets. It was crack-a-lackin! I didn’t get any crazy ones but managed to sneak in a couple in betweeners and some good poundings too. I’m ready to go, haha! Honolua Bay is one of most incredible waves in the world if you can get one. The crowd is very intense and when it is that big, there is no room for second guessing or you’re back of the line buddy. Overall it was an amazing day and I was glad to be out there witnessing the Bay do her thing.

Luke and Tuffy are here! And so is little sis, Cayla. She is working for the WSL this week doing interviews and writing articles. Go girl! We went for a family small wave shred sesh at the Bay yesterday and found some wiggles at Iron Woods beach this morning. It’s so grounding to have a few of my closest here with me including dad as coach. With the pandemic, spectators are encouraged to tune in from home this year, to keep crowds down and for everyone’s safety. This is the one event that a lot of my family would normally fly over for and support in person. I’m definitely going to miss looking up mid heat and seeing them all smiling down from the cliff.

Well that’s it for now. Pray for surf!!



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